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Clarinetist Jean-Marc Fessard is superb, at times producing a burnished auburn tone that’s to die for [track-1, beginning at 01:32]. He receives the magnificent support from conductor Miroslaw Blaszczyk and the Silesian Chamber Orchestra. The latter go on to give a performance of Six Movements…which raises the bar for today’s string ensembles.

…the Polish audio engineers triumph again, giving us immaculately clean, well balanced recordings.

Bob Mc Quiston, Classical Lost and found, May 2011

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In the Clarinet Concerto by Tansman Jean-Marc Fessard gave us a lot of pleasure.

He is a clarinet virtuose.

As Bis he performed few fragments by Gershwin in warmly atmosphere.   April 21th 2011

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Jean-Marc Fessard, who has already recorded a disc of Tansman’s chamber music for Naxos, has that ‘sugar and cream’ French tone that admirably suits the first two works.

David Denton, David’s Review Corner, April 2011

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” In such musics are needed persuaded interpreters that import above all the direction of the line and an absolute precision. They are exactly the qualities of the interpreters, Eliane Reyes and Jean-Marc Fessard. It is clear, crystal clear and cheerful interpreted musics with the funny chic which goes to them so well “.

Jacques Bonnaure about “Darius Milhaud”, Classica December 2010

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« With the clarinet of Jean-Marc Fessard, the volubility of the line contrasts with the multiphonics mass which is colored by the electronic processing  »

Resmusica, Michèle Tosi about Trace V by Martin Matalon “église St Merri ” in Paris October 15th 2010

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« The three musicians here — clarinetist Jean-Marc Fessard, violinist Frédéric Pélassy, and pianist Eliane Reyes — work excellently together to bring the music to life. Their ensemble work in the Suite is sharply precise. Even in the Sonata and Sonatina, there is a sense that it’s not all just about the violin or clarinet. Pélassy and Fessard allow Reyes to bring out the piano part to show that the works are often more like true duets.. The three musicians also give detailed attention to coloring in a natural, instinctive-sounding way ».

by Patsy Morita, about « Darius Milhaud » (Naxos 2010)

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« The Clarinet Sonatina is a more pugnent score, though the soloist, Jean-Marc Fessard, produces a smooth and sophisticated sound. »

David Denton « David’s Review Corner »,Musicweb International September 2010

about « Darius Milhaud » (Naxos 2010)

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” The music lovers of Zagreb gave an ovation to both virtuoso musicians of Paris who mixed admirably the piano with the clarinet to lead the public towards unforgettable feelings. Satisfied by their performance, both French musicians welcomed enthusiastically the Chamber orchestra of Zagreb for the creation by Vincent Guyot before thanking the public. “

Svijet Kulture Zagreb in May 25th, 2010

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“This programme proposes eight pieces dedicated to Jean-Marc Fessard. It’s difficult to resist to the jubilation blowed by our bass-clarinet player thanks to his flexible, dense and energic playing. Without fail !”

Ph.D “Le péché classique” May 2010

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“This is a well produced disc with some excellent playing from all of the musicians involved. I particularly enjoyed Bellocq’s own playing, as well as that of clarinetist Jean-Marc Fessard. Bellocq’s music is worthy of exploration. It presented well in this format, and I look forward to hearing more from this composer.”

Carla Rees, Music Web International October 2009

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