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« There are full CVs of the performers who do an impeccable job in putting across this largely unfamiliar repertoire. Jean-Marc Fessard is well-known for his authoritative performances of contemporary music for clarinet and bass-clarinet. »

John Playfair Clarinet & Sax    Autumn 2012

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“…The much travelled French clarinettist, Jean-Marc Fessard, throws aside technical demands…”

David Denton

David’s review corner

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Jean-Marc Fessard plays the Cadenza with a great culture, delicate humor sometimes joking.

The quality of the recording is the precision and the kindness of the soloist play.

The Cantilenes find with him an excellent musician.

Kacper Miklaszewski, Ruch Muzyczny August 7th 2011

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“…Alexandre Tansman whose Concertino is charmingly played on Naxos by Jean-Marc Fessard”.

The Jewish Daily Forward

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The Concerto for clarinet livened up and lived by the clarinet inspired by Jean-Marc Fessard, is anyway enough to justify this new recording volume.

Resmusica, June 2011

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One surprising fact about both the Concerto and the Concertino is that this is the first time they have been recorded—a shame on clarinettists and music labels everywhere, but credit to Naxos and the performers on this CD for recognising this fine music and recording it for posterity.

Laurent Decker and especially Jean-Marc Fessard—who was also the clarinettist on Naxos 8.570235 (review link above)—likewise deserve praise for their own fine performances.

The quality of sound is excellent, the booklet nicely detailed, and the picture on the cover is…the picture on the cover. A quality disc for a quality composer.

Byzantion, Musicwebinternational, June 2011

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Clarinetist Jean-Marc Fessard is superb, at times producing a burnished auburn tone that’s to die for [track-1, beginning at 01:32]. He receives the magnificent support from conductor Miroslaw Blaszczyk and the Silesian Chamber Orchestra. The latter go on to give a performance of Six Movements…which raises the bar for today’s string ensembles.

…the Polish audio engineers triumph again, giving us immaculately clean, well balanced recordings.

Bob Mc Quiston, Classical Lost and found, May 2011

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In the Clarinet Concerto by Tansman Jean-Marc Fessard gave us a lot of pleasure.

He is a clarinet virtuose.

As Bis he performed few fragments by Gershwin in warmly atmosphere.   April 21th 2011

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Jean-Marc Fessard, who has already recorded a disc of Tansman’s chamber music for Naxos, has that ‘sugar and cream’ French tone that admirably suits the first two works.

David Denton, David’s Review Corner, April 2011

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” In such musics are needed persuaded interpreters that import above all the direction of the line and an absolute precision. They are exactly the qualities of the interpreters, Eliane Reyes and Jean-Marc Fessard. It is clear, crystal clear and cheerful interpreted musics with the funny chic which goes to them so well “.

Jacques Bonnaure about “Darius Milhaud”, Classica December 2010

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